Brimington Methodist Church 

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Multiplex & Cafe Style

Multiplex & Café-Style Worship

If you think Church is about sitting on hard pews, listening to a long sermon, then you may be in for a surprise.  At BMC we present worship in two very different ways . . .

Café-Style Worship

Café-Style Worship means you can grab a cuppa, sit and chat with the people around you and explore things at your own pace.

1st Sunday in each month (alternating with Multiplex)
It's a welcome change to worship in a relaxed, informal, cafe-style setting. For anyone who wants to give it a try, church isn't all discussion and talking! 
Coffee and tea are on offer throughout!

We use video clips, music and stories. We may have an activity, to lighten the mood whilst getting you thinking.

Multiplex Worship

Multiplex Worship offers a vibrant and more informal method of worship, which helps to appeal to more of the people, more of the time.

1st Sunday in each month (alternating with Cafe-Style)

As times change, so do people's views of what they expect from church, yet it is just as important to meet the needs of those who want their weekly Sunday service to be what they are used to.

We offer multimedia, drama, music, creative and multi-sensory activities as well as a traditional sermon, to explore particular themes, based on bible readings.